Validation and…re-validation

A spearfishing day in Greece- “Validation and…re-validation”

The time has come for my friend Panos to receive his brand-new Benthos Draco 115, equipped with 2*16mm bands and a 7mm*140cm shaft. Fast loading and extreme accuracy its main characteristics.

Next day, we were at sea for a test dive with his new speargun. “Summertime and the living is easy” as someone said, and we headed straight to some nice reefs for relaxed dives.

In our first spot, I had the chance to do the first dive holding in my hand my friend’s speargun for the first time in the water! I was eager to find something to shoot. This gun was the first of a new series and I wanted to see it in action.

It didn’t take me long to start a nice dive and halfway to the bottom I see a dusky grouper looking at me. With almost no movement, I reached him vertically. The fish didn’t move at all, until I pressed the trigger. Nor after! The shaft has passed in and out of its body making it impossible to move!

I was totally satisfied by the behavior of the speargun. Minimal recoil, super-fast shot and already a fish in the boat from the first dive!

After celebrating on the surface, we headed onto a nearby reef, so that Panos would have his chance as well.

Both in the water, waiting on the surface for my friend to start his first dive. Less than a minute later I hear the speargun firing, but no struggle afterwards. Panos, is a great shooter and I knew that there was no way going to miss in his first shot!

He emerges with a nice white grouper, shot at the same exact way as the speargun has done just before!

We couldn’t be happier than that. Two nice fish to feed our friends and family and a successful test, that re-validated itself!

What a great day at sea!

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