Expansion of Attributes

“…Established in 2007 by Ilias Pardalis, in Volos, Greece…”


Fuselage is the body of the speargun between the front end (muzzle) and back end (handle). It can be said that the fuselage defines the speargun itself. According to the shape and volume of the fuselage, the speargun “creates” its character.

A big fat fuselage can help reduce recoil drastically, ideal for an accurate shot to happen, but on the other hand is not suitable for fast maneuvers, where speed in target acquisition is critical.

As a result, for every given situation the fuselage has to adapt to the way of spearfishing. Practicing aspetto for example, most of the times does not require a bulky body, while an ambush or a blue water gun needs it.

To better accommodate these conditions, Benthos Spearguns offers a custom parametric fuselage, were all the input information from the user, are “imprinted” on the dimensions of the fuselage, laterally, vertically and length-wise. So, for example, a custom Draco 110 for aspetto can be “lighter” and “thinner” and even shorter, than a Draco 110 for ambush.

Trigger Mechanism

It can be said that the trigger mechanism is the “heart” of a speargun. It is the part that enables a spearo to store and control the energy required to hit a target, by actuating it with a much smaller amount of energy, at an instant. This control does not come easy. Its design has to incorporate all aspects that have to do with the repeatability and consistency of its operation, shot after shot and foremost, its safety. The successful combination of the above characteristics, will lead to a trusty relationship between the user and his/her speargun, delivering every time the desired outcome.


A trigger mechanism by itself cannot provide all the required characteristics for a successful shot. Without the right co-operation with the handle, the spearo will not feel the speargun as a continuation of his/her hand. Even the “best” trigger mechanism will not provide that. Consequently, a well designed handle can inherently provide the right dispersion of forces during the fraction of the time (less than 0.1sec) taken to complete the shot.

In order to achieve the geometry capable of this pinnacle experience comes only with extensive and repetitive testing. Through the participation of Ilias Pardalis in firearms shooting competitions very important lessons were learnt. The level of precision that is required in this kind of competitions, which take place in the open air-the natural environment of human beings-every minute change in the handle itself can affect the shot placement by minute distances on target. Therefore, when it comes to create that geometry for a speargun that its use is of lesser refinement i.e. by wearing a glove, it is actually easier to fulfill these requirements. It has to be adapted though to other aspects of a speargun handle, such as the constant change of angle of the hand in respect to the axis of the speargun.

Based on the above, Benthos Spearguns handle gives the feeling of total control of the speargun. It provides a stable platform for ease of maneuvering and at the same time a confident shot placement.

Benthos Spearguns can provide a custom made handle, fit to perfection in its custom spearguns line. Along with the use of carbon fiber and slip-free coating, a Benthos Spearguns secret procedure, the “connection” of the spearo to the gun is unsurpassed.


Improved ergonomics on any given apparatus will make its use easier and safer. It will make the user happy to get in contact with this device every single time. This of course is even more important when it comes to shooting devises, such as a speargun.

Therefore, Benthos Spearguns has given a great amount of attention and devotion to improve ergonomically all areas that interact with the user.

Ergonomically interesting areas are:

  1. Handle

  2. Line path (muzzle pin, muzzle, line retainer at trigger mechanism, line pin at handle)

  3. Position of loading patch (75mm from the trigger mechanism)

  4. General shape and assembly

Mechanical Efficiency

Mechanical efficiency is a term that incorporates the right use of available materials, the quantity and the way they are combined in order to produce an effective assembly. The higher that efficiency is, the more sustainable the design will be. In order to achieve that, Benthos Spearguns analyzed carefully all different parameters required for the design of a speargun and its components that is comprised of.

All components have undertaken an evolutionary design process, crude at the beginning, finer at the end. For example, the Draco head, a Benthos Spearguns trademark, started as simple Y shape component screwed at the front end. It came to be fitted “inside” the front end with rounded contour and multiple bending.

In total, the whole assembly is comprised of the least possible components, with the least possible material used, merged altogether in an “organic” package.


Every organism on this planet has to accomplish certain procedures in order to survive and everyone is beautiful in its own way. It can be said that every organism is actually the best representation of a set of skills and attributes, for that given “space” in the food chain. A Benthos Speargun could be no exception. It is extremely capable of achieving its purpose, but not as an abstract collection of parts. Every component, from the fuselage to the smallest pin, is gracefully formed and fitted, so as to become a unity-a unity with an identity.