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...in Benthos Spearguns we incorporated methods that maximize the service life of the speargun...

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Frequently Asked Questions

For overseas shipping, around two weeks and less than a month. Orders made within the European Union; you should expect to receive them in less than two weeks.

Custom orders, as their name suggests, do not follow a typical manufacturing schedule. Completion time could start at a month and in some occasions may take even more than six months.

Setup is subjective to the user, but it has to remain inside some limits. Benthos Spearguns, due to their high fuselage mass, can most of the times accommodate “heavier” setups. Please contacts us for further details, if you want to achieve the best out of your speargun.

Teak wood is probably the best contender among woods when it comes to water resilience. They can stay underwater for years, and still show no decay at all. But maintaining the stock oiled, your Benthos Speargun can keep its beauty for much longer and preserve it for the years to come. It is advisable that you finish your speargun with teak oil (available to order as a “teak oil kit”) whenever you see the surface of the wood lose its vibrance. Avoid leaving it until it becomes whitish in color. That’s translates into one to two times per year.

Material alone cannot define the properties and characteristics of an assembly, such as a speargun. A material can define the limits that a designer has to work withing, in order to achieve these requirements. Wood, and especially teak wood, provides for all aspects required for an exceptional speargun to be made of.

But the additional use of composite materials, such as carbon fiber, can enhance some of the properties that wood lacks in. For example, a carbon coated handle, can actually make the speargun shoot better, because it allows the offset between the shaft and the “anchor” point of the handle to get smaller!

If carbon coating is applied onto the track, it almost minimizes friction and boosts the shaft at 15% more speed!

All in all, there is no best material for a speargun, but a thoughtful use of combination of materials to achieve the best result.