Benthos Establishment

“…in NATEX 2009, unanimously earned the title of the most competitive newcomer…”

Benthos Spearguns was established in 2007 by Ilias Pardalis, in Volos, Greece. He completed his degrees in BSc (Business Software and Consulting) Automotive Engineering and MSc (Master of Science) Engineering design and its management in UK by 2006. Specifically, the thesis on his MSc degree was “The design and manufacture of a wooden speargun”, which received a distinction grade.

Testing procedures right afterwards, showed exceptional shooting characteristics. Accompanied by extensive fishing and pool target sessions, all aspects of the speargun, were revisited and honed as required.

Two years later was the starting year of a roller coaster ride!

Ilias Pardalis and Benthos Spearguns participated at a Greek expo for fishing equipment for the first time, at NATEX 2009, which unanimously earned him the title of the most competitive newcomer in the field of spearfishing in Greece.

In that same year, he started participating vigorously in underwater shooting competitions. As early as in his second appearance, he managed to equalize the Greek record in the “ordinary” division (target 3m away from the tip of the shaft). One year later, he established the Greek national record in the “hyper-guns” division (target 6m away from the tip of the shaft), never been surpassed since then. The participation in competitions continued with numerous distinctions in most of them, until wooden spearguns were banned by the Greek committee responsible for target shooting.

The accumulation of knowledge was invaluable for the refinement of Benthos Spearguns. Especially, trigger mechanism and custom handle, turned out to be a Benthos trademark of excellence amongst spearos.