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Benthos Draco is an exceptional speargun that merges together two worlds. A European style speargun, with a pair of bands that are held in a closed loop head, parallel to the shaft and a through-hole band style speargun, usually a wooden one, at which the bands are inclined in respect to the shaft. Both ways have been adopted mainly for ease of production for the different type of spearguns i.e., railguns and wooden spearguns, and come with advantages and disadvantages.

Made out of a 4-laminate stock.

Benthos Spearguns offers a hybrid of the two designs, that maximizes the advantages and eliminates the disadvantages. The first set of bands-right at the front end of the speargun-is held on an open head design, the has no closed loop for the shaft to pass through. This eliminates any interference of the head with the shaft. As a result, the shaft always travels uninhibited until it exits the speargun. The line is used to secure the shaft onto its rail prior to shooting.

Another very important issue, is that this pair of bands does not come in contact with anything else along its way when firing. This means zero friction between the bands and the fuselage and zero “lost” energy.

But probably the most important advantage of Draco is its unsurpassed field of view. Along with Benthos Spearguns wishbones, all bands, whatever their number, sit one next to each other. This neat arrangement of bands, which does not protrude over the “horizon” of the field of view, creates a “channel” for the shaft to pass through. All you need to do is to bring the target in front of the “extension” of your shaft and pull the trigger. You will be amazed by the precision you can achieve with a Benthos Speargun!

Benthos Draco, a speargun that connects instinctively with his/her owner! Target acquisition and precision has never been easier. Your trustful companion in the reef and in the ocean.
Its trademark characteristic, the open head design, will enable you to improve your confidence in shooting in greater distances and faster fish.
Made exclusively out of Burma Teak, carefully selected and aged. 4-laminate stock, special treated for 40% more adhesion power. Cuttle-fish shaped fuselage and 60% right-handed oriented handle (for left-handed option please contact us).

It comes in three different lengths: Draco 110, 115 and 125.

Draco 110

Length of pull: 112cm

Total stock length: 133cm

Shaft overhang: 19cm

Equipped with 2*16mm bands and 7mm*140cm single flopper shaft


Draco 115

Length of pull: 117cm

Total stock length: 138cm

Shaft overhang: 17cm

Equipped with 3*14mm bands and 7mm*150cm single flopper shaft


Draco 125

Length of pull: 127cm

Total stock length: 148cm

Shaft overhang: 17cm

Equipped with 3*16mm bands and 7.5mm*160cm single flopper shaft


  • All Benthos Spearguns are made out of Burma Teak of the finest quality, carefully selected.
  • All Benthos Spearguns come with the shaft and bands as standard.
  • Benthos Spearguns mechanism accepts ALL European shafts and most others.
  • All stainless-steel parts are made out of AISI 316.
  • Benthos Spearguns wishbones come as standard.
  • ALL Benthos Spearguns come with a shooting precision warranty. At 75% of their maximum shooting range i.e., 75% of the length of the free line, they can deliver a concentration of shots of less than 5cm (2”), at a distance of less than 5cm (2”) from the center of the target.
  • ALL Benthos Spearguns components are made in-house, in our facilities in Volos, Greece.
Weight 3 kg

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